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Former Pro Handball Athlete from Bulgaria I provide one-on-one custom training programs as well as group classes in Green Valley (Henderson). I customize fitness programs based on the client’s needs and have experience training at all levels.

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Strength Training

Revolutionize your fitness journey with our world-class strength training - boosting stamina, sculpting muscles and elevating your power, designed exclusively by Aneliya Petrov Fitness.

Stretching/Flexibility Training

Experience the freedom of movement with our Stretching/Flexibility Training! Boost your performance, protect against injuries, and upgrade your daily life mastery.

Core Training

Embrace Ultimate Core Strength: Elevate your fitness journey with our dynamic Core Training, designed to improve your waistline, posture, sports performance, and overall ability to bear weight – variety keeps you motivated and inspired!

HIIT Training

Experience the ultimate fitness boost with our HIIT workouts! Get stronger, enhance your stamina, and torch fat, all in just 30 minutes or less. Join Aneliya Petrov Fitness today for an exhilarating heart-healthy experience!

Body Weight Training

Stronger Heart, Smarter Mind: Experience our Body Weight Training service designed to improve heart health, sharpen your cognitive function, and keep your joints and bones in top shape - all while building lean muscle!

Strength Training

Revolutionize your fitness journey with our world-class strength training - boosting stamina, sculpting muscles and elevating your power, designed exclusively by Aneliya Petrov Fitness.

Stretching/Flexibility Training

Experience the freedom of movement with our Stretching/Flexibility Training! Boost your performance, protect against injuries, and upgrade your daily life mastery.

Core Training

Embrace Ultimate Core Strength: Elevate your fitness journey with our dynamic Core Training, designed to improve your waistline, posture, sports performance, and overall ability to bear weight – variety keeps you motivated and inspired!

HIIT Training

Experience the ultimate fitness boost with our HIIT workouts! Get stronger, enhance your stamina, and torch fat, all in just 30 minutes or less. Join Aneliya Petrov Fitness today for an exhilarating heart-healthy experience!

Body Weight Training

Stronger Heart, Smarter Mind: Experience our Body Weight Training service designed to improve heart health, sharpen your cognitive function, and keep your joints and bones in top shape - all while building lean muscle!

Who is this training for

My approach to fitness is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, regardless of their age or skill level. With my expertise and experience, I can confidently help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you’re a child or a senior.

Training for All Levels

Discover Aneliya Petrov Fitness, where every fitness level finds its perfect training program. Begin your journey to a stronger, healthier, and happier lifestyle with our expertly crafted exercise plans.

Elite Training for Executives

Executive Power Boost: Elevate your day-to-day productivity with a fitness program meticulously crafted for leaders, incorporating strength, flexibility, and stress-management techniques to enrich your personal and professional performance.

Groups / Couples

Couples Cardio Blast: Strengthen your bond and fitness in this 45-minute cardio-focused session featuring heart-pumping exercises tailored for partners.

What type of training will you get

NASM Certified

Discover the benefits of training with a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and take your fitness experience to the next level! Our expert trainers hold the renowned National Academy of Sports Medicine certification, ensuring comprehensive knowledge in exercise science, nutrition, and program design. They'll create customized, safe, and effective workouts tailored to your specific needs and goals. Rely on the skill of NASM certified professionals to inspire and support you towards optimal health and wellness.

Ex-Professional National Athlete

As a former Pro Handball Athlete from Bulgaria, I infuse my passion for sports into all my training programs. Drawing from my handball experience, I understand the importance of personalized training for all fitness levels. With discipline and teamwork, I strive to help clients achieve their goals while enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

+10 Years working with clients

With over a decade in the fitness industry, I've guided countless clients to achieve their unique goals through customized programs. My versatile experience, from one-on-one to group sessions, allows for tailored solutions and optimal results. At Aneliya Petrov Fitness, we redefine fitness standards and cultivate a supportive, engaging environment for everyone's success.

Seasoned Fitness Program Specialist

I create personalized, effective workout plans tailored to clients' unique goals. With years of experience, I redefine fitness standards through innovative, results-driven programs. My passion is crafting engaging, versatile fitness solutions for all, focusing on strength, flexibility, and endurance with the support and guidance needed to achieve success.

Custom Programs

I specialize in creating custom fitness programs tailored to your unique needs and goals! I understand that each individual has their own journey, which is why I work closely with you to develop personalized workout plans that are both engaging and effective. Unlock your true fitness potential and experience lasting results, while enjoying a supportive and motivating environment. Embark on a transformative journey with my tailored fitness programs, crafted specifically for you and your aspirations.

Training philosophy

My training philosophy focuses on individualization, consistency, functional fitness, and variety. I develop customized programs to address clients' unique goals, strengths, and limitations, promoting regular workouts for lasting habits. My approach enhances overall strength and mobility through functional exercises that resemble daily movements. Additionally, I maintain engaging and challenging workouts by incorporating new exercises, equipment, and techniques.

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Aneliya Petrov

NASM Certified Trainer/Coach

Step into the world of personalized fitness with Aneliya Petrov, a distinguished Bulgarian handball athlete and experienced trainer. I’m here to guide you on your fitness journey, ensuring it’s enjoyable and rewarding for all ages, as we work together in a nurturing and supportive atmosphere.

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Addison Brown
Location: Danville, CA | Age: 16

I have been riding horses for 11 years and playing an array of different sports alongside it. I always felt as though I was continuing at a level I had been at for a large sum of time. I started going to the gym by myself in the early fall to try and better my riding and athletic abilities.

However, to my disappointment, I did not feel any stronger and did not feel any more progress being made in my physical strength or my riding capabilities. In the late fall, I had my first lesson with Aneliya, and it was truly a humbling experience of how poorly my control over my own strength was. Over the months since that first lesson, I have seen significant changes in not only my physical strength, athletic abilities, and appearance, but also a stronger mentality that I can do more and get better.

I truly feel that I have grown as an athlete and a person with the mentorship of Miss Aneliya and I am so grateful for her support and assistance.

John Taillac
Location: Danville, CA | Age: 83

Aneliya Petrov has been my Personal Trainer for almost 8 years. She excels at everything she does. She is a highly professional individual and trainer which is evident as she has earned the NASM certification. She listens, observes, communicates, and adjusts my posture during the exercise sets to get maximum benefit and avoid strain or injury. She does not hesitate to push me through the sets to heighten my effectiveness and increase my strength. Her skills far exceed any previous experience I have had with a personal trainer. And she deeply cares for me as a person, not just a client.

I am 83 years young, thanks to Aneliya I can say young. I came to her as an open-heart surgery survivor. I have youth injuries to my knees and elbow, wearing braces as necessary. She has strengthened the muscles around these injuries which has eliminated much of the pain and discomfort. Recently I had a lower back injury that affected the nerves down my leg causing constant aches down my leg and shooting pain off and on. I discussed this with my primary care physician and Aneliya. They both came up with the same diagnoses. I was scheduled to have Physical Therapy. Aneliya started me on a series of strengthening, stretches, and exercises that has effectively eliminated the pain and addressed the cause. Her skills exceed that of physical therapy, which I canceled as unnecessary.

My wife and I agreed some time ago to forgo giving each other Christmas or birthday presents, as we just don’t need more stuff. So instead, we happily give each other the gift of Aneliya, and the many benefits that this gift gives to us. We are so fortunate to have the wonderful professional training that she provides. We enthusiastically look forward to continuing this gift-giving and to having Aneliya in our lives.

aneliya petrov fitness
Linda Parisi
Location: Danville, CA | Age: 75

My name is Linda Parisi and I am 75 years old.  I have been working with Aneliya for 3 months.   I wanted to get stronger and to have better balance.  Balance is a challenge for me.  We work a lot with weights.  She never gives you more weight than you can comfortably handle.

Aneliya is very professional and great to work with.  She encourages you to do your best and try different exercises.

I highly recommend her.

sharon - aneliya petrov fitness
Sharon Freitas
Location: Danville, CA | Age: 70s

Seven years ago my physician told me that I had early stages of Osteopenia. This is a condition that causes bone loss and low bone mineral density. Weight training can be an effective treatment. I decided that strength training was the route that I needed to take. Fortunately, I found Aneliya Petrov, who became my personal trainer.

I was very impressed with her credentials and awards. She knows my body, my strengths, and my limitations. I truly believe that had I not started with Aneliya 7 years ago that I would now probably have Osteoporosis. My objective was, and is, to strengthen and protect my bones. My doctor has informed me that not only has my Osteopenia not progressed but it is actually no longer evident in my bone density tests.

Aneliya’s outstanding knowledge of the human body and how to achieve maximum strength, healing, and overall benefits is a testament to her professionalism and training. Going forward in order to maintain my good health I intend to continue with Aneliya for years to come and I highly recommend her as a personal trainer.

don davis - aneliya petrov fitness
Don Davis
Location: Danville, CA | Age: 73

I’m Don Davis, age 73, and have retired for 4 years. I started training with Aneliya about 3 years ago. When I retired I wanted to lose about 20 to 25 pounds. I had been seeing a chiropractor about lower back problems and she suggested I start working to strengthen my core. I also wanted to start playing more golf and was interested in improving my flexibility. I worked with a couple of trainers when I was employed at Visa. I started to train with Aneliya and it was pretty apparent that the experience would be different and that I would be receiving very individualized attention. She wanted to know my goals and limitations .

She did an initial assessment of my physical condition. We focused on strength and flexibility and core muscles. We did little aerobic work as I was walking a lot between golf and dog walking. We did a variety of exercises that changed from session to session. I believe I have made a lot of progress. I lost weight and have maintained my desired weight. I have not had any back problems although I keep seeing the chiropractor as a preventive type measure.

My chiropractor advises that my core is definitely stronger and my lower back has not been significantly out of alignment for several years. Finally, my flexibility has improved dramatically. The time I have spent with Aneliya has been a very worthwhile experience for me. I enjoy the training sessions and feel I am benefiting very much from them. I highly recommend Aneliya. She is very professional and very engaged with her clients. She will definitely challenge you to improve yourself.

Aneliya Petrov Fitness
Bruce Ahtye
Location: Danville, CA | Age: 69

My name is Bruce Ahtye. I am a retired dentist who is 69 years old. At this point in my life, I was looking to keep in shape and maintain my muscle mass. About six or seven years ago, I met Aneliya Petrov. She was instrumental in helping me achieve these goals. I find her friendly, knowledgeable, hard-working, and extremely organized.

Aneliya always has a regimen pre-planned to make sure I have a well-rounded and challenging workout. If I have any physical maladies (which I usually do) she is quick to change our routine so I can work around my problems. She is very understanding in that way. At the end of the session, I usually feel a little sore, so I know I had a good workout.

I am confident that Aneliya through her hard work and expertise can design an excellent program for all her clients from old folks like myself, who just want to maintain their health to young athlete who wants to improve their strength and endurance.

Frequent questions

I have a strong background in professional sports, specifically as a former Pro Handball Athlete from Bulgaria. My experience in the fitness industry spans over 7 years, during which I have provided one-on-one custom training programs and group classes.

My qualifications and certifications as a personal trainer include:

  1. National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer (CPT): This certification validates my knowledge and skills in designing and implementing safe and effective exercise programs tailored to individual clients’ needs.

  2. NASM Certified Group Personal Training Specialist (CGPTS): This certification demonstrates my expertise in creating and leading group fitness programs, catering to various fitness levels and accommodating diverse participant goals.

My training philosophy emphasizes individualization, consistency, functional fitness, and variety in workouts, all of which contribute to my qualifications as a personal trainer. Furthermore, my target client persona, which focuses on older, well-educated, and financially stable individuals, showcases my ability to work with a diverse range of clients and provide them with customized fitness programs.

I have been working as a personal trainer for more than 10+ years, during which I have provided personalized one-on-one training programs as well as conducted group classes at a national sports club corporation. My background as a former professional handball athlete from Bulgaria has equipped me with extensive knowledge and skills in fitness and training. Throughout my career, I have gained experience in working with clients of all levels, allowing me to customize fitness programs based on their individual needs and goals. This extensive experience, coupled with my passion for fitness, has helped me establish Aneliya Petrov Fitness, a brand dedicated to redefining fitness standards.

At Aneliya Petrov Fitness, our approach to creating personalized workout plans involves a combination of understanding the client’s unique needs, goals, and physical abilities, and leveraging our expertise in various training techniques.

At Aneliya Petrov Fitness, assessing a client’s fitness level and goals before starting a training program is an essential part of our approach to ensure that we create tailored and effective plans for each individual. We follow a multi-step process to gather information, evaluate their current fitness status, and understand their objectives:

  1. Initial Consultation: We start with an in-depth consultation where we discuss the client’s health history, exercise background, and any potential physical limitations or concerns. This conversation helps us gauge their experience, identify any risks, and understand their expectations.

  2. Goal Setting: We work closely with the client to establish clear, specific, and realistic goals. This process involves understanding their motivations, desired results, and time frame for achieving these objectives. We also discuss any potential barriers and develop strategies to overcome them.

  3. Fitness Assessment: We conduct a comprehensive fitness assessment that includes various tests to evaluate the client’s current fitness level. These tests may include measuring body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and mobility. The results of these assessments serve as a baseline to measure progress and guide the design of the training program.

  4. Functional Movement Screening: We perform a functional movement screening to identify any muscle imbalances, movement restrictions, or weaknesses that could impact the client’s performance or lead to injury. By addressing these issues early, we can design a more effective and safe training program.

  5. Review and Plan: Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we analyze the data and develop a customized training program that aligns with the client’s goals, fitness level, and personal preferences. We ensure that the plan is progressive and adaptable, with appropriate modifications and adjustments as needed.

Throughout the training process, we continually monitor and reassess the client’s progress to ensure that they are moving toward their goals effectively and safely. By taking this thorough approach, we at Aneliya Petrov Fitness can provide our clients with the best possible foundation for success and help them to redefine their fitness standards.

At Aneliya Petrov Fitness, we understand that every client has unique needs, especially those with injuries or health conditions. Our approach to accommodating clients with specific needs involves several key steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: We begin with an in-depth consultation to gather information about the client’s medical history, current health status, and any existing injuries or conditions. This allows us to understand their specific needs and create a safe, effective workout plan tailored to their situation.

  2. Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals: If necessary, we collaborate with the client’s healthcare team, including doctors, physical therapists, or other specialists, to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of their needs and any precautions or modifications that must be taken into account.

  3. Personalized Program Design: Based on the information gathered, we design a customized fitness program that addresses the client’s goals while taking into consideration their injuries or health conditions. This may involve modifying exercises, using specialized equipment, or focusing on specific areas of the body to avoid aggravating any existing issues.

  4. Progress Monitoring: We closely monitor the client’s progress throughout their fitness journey, making adjustments to their program as needed. This helps ensure that the client is working safely and effectively towards their goals while minimizing the risk of further injury or exacerbating health conditions.

By taking a personalized, collaborative, and education-focused approach, Aneliya Petrov Fitness ensures that clients with specific needs receive the attention and support they require to achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively.

As Aneliya Petrov Fitness, I specialize in various types of exercises and training methods to cater to my clients’ unique needs and goals. These include:

  1. Strength Training: Focusing on building muscle mass, increasing muscular endurance, and improving overall strength using resistance exercises, free weights, and machines.

  2. Stretching/Flexibility Training: Incorporating stretching exercises to improve flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance overall mobility.

  3. Core Training: Targeting the muscles in the abdominal and lower back areas to improve balance, stability, and posture, using exercises like planks, crunches, and leg raises.

  4. HIIT Training: Utilizing High-Intensity Interval Training techniques to provide intense, time-efficient workouts that boost cardiovascular fitness and burn calories.

  5. Body Weight Training: Relying on the client’s body weight as resistance to perform exercises like push-ups, squats, and lunges, promoting functional strength and mobility.

My training philosophy emphasizes individualization, crafting tailored programs that address each client’s unique goals, strengths, and limitations. I prioritize consistency, encourage regular workouts and gradual progress for long-lasting fitness habits, and incorporate functional fitness exercises that mimic everyday movements. To keep workouts engaging and challenging, I ensure variety through new exercises, equipment, and training techniques.

As Aneliya Petrov of Aneliya Petrov Fitness, my schedule is quite flexible to accommodate the needs of my clients. I understand the importance of finding a balance between my clients’ busy lives and their fitness goals. We can work together to find the best days and times for our training sessions that suit your schedule.

The frequency of our meetings for training sessions will depend on your individual goals, fitness level, and availability. Typically, I recommend meeting 2 to 4 times per week for optimal results and consistent progress. However, we can adjust the frequency based on your needs, preferences, and progress.

Remember that consistency is key in achieving long-lasting fitness habits, so finding a schedule that works for both of us and sticking to it will be crucial in your journey towards redefining fitness standards.

At Aneliya Petrov Fitness, our rates and payment options for personal training services are designed to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. While the specific rates may vary depending on the duration, frequency, and type of training you choose, we generally offer the following packages:

  1. Single Session: A one-time personal training session to evaluate your fitness level and provide guidance on your fitness journey.

  2. Monthly Package: A more cost-effective option for clients committed to regular personal training. This package includes a set number of sessions per month at a discounted rate compared to single sessions.

  3. Quarterly Package: For clients seeking long-term support and guidance, our quarterly package offers an even greater discount on a set number of sessions per month for a 3-month commitment.

  4. Annual Package: Our most comprehensive package, offering the best value for clients dedicated to their fitness journey. This package includes a set number of sessions per month for a 12-month commitment, at the lowest per-session rate.

In addition to the above packages, we offer customized payment options to cater to your specific needs and preferences. We accept various forms of payment, including cash, credit cards, and online payment platforms like PayPal or Venmo.

Please note that these rates and packages are subject to change, and it’s best to contact us directly for the most up-to-date pricing information. You can reach us by phone, email, or through our website, and we’d be happy to discuss the best options for you and your fitness goals.

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